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Are you a Motherless mother or daughter who feels like your living in survival mode and auto-pilot? Does it feel like the very foundation you stand on is about to crumble? Do people look at you and think you have it all together but yet behind closed doors your overwhelmed, exhausted and worried?  Do toxic relationships and work environments leave you feeling depleted and physically sick? Are you feeling shame, guilt and embarrassment because of your past? Do you need support in handling conflicts and strengthening your relationship with a spouse or loved one? 


Serenity can help you explore mindsets, decisions and behaviors that keep you in survival mode so that you can begin living. Serenity can also help you control your emotions so they are not controlling you! Let us walk with you along your journey to healing the past, making better choices and building strong and healthy relationships for the future. 

Serenity also works with millennial teens and college students through individual therapy and our empowerment program called Millennium Girls, Inc. Serenity provides a safe space with a trusted adult for them to explore feelings and experiences, while learning how to deal with stressors at home, school and in their social life. 

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Motherless definition:   

a woman who has experienced mother loss through death, abandonment and lack of a nurturing relationship. 

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Our Mission is to help you acheive optimal wellness in every area of your life!

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