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Are you a motherless daughter or mother who feels like your living in survival mode? Do people look at you and think you have it all together but yet behind closed doors your overwhelmed, exhausted and worried? Do toxic relationships and work environments leave you feeling depleted and physically sick? Are you tired of repeating the same unhealthy cycles and patterns and want more out of life? Or, do you have a teen that seems distant or isolated? Are you afraid they are headed down a destructive path and need guidance and direction? 

Serenity can help women move from existing to living by exploring mindsets, decisions and behaviors that keep you in autopilot. Serenity will support you in healing and gaining control over your emotions so you can experience true optimal wellness.  Serenity can also help your teen gain insight and clarity into who they are and direction for where they are going. 

Our practice offers workshops, and support groups to assist you in your journey to wellness. 

I understand what it is like to want more out of life and not know how to get there! If you are ready to begin your journey, contact me today to schedule your free and confidential consultation 

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Our Mission is to help you acheive optimal wellness in every area of your life!

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