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Loss can send SHOCKWAVES of pain through our hearts. It often comes as a surprise through death, divorce, ending of friendships or job and a total life change! 

You may wonder WHAT'S NEXT, and ask yourself WHO AM I, and worry about all those who are DEPENDING ON YOU to keep it together.  You keep BUSY so you don't have to feel the PAIN. Even in a crowded room you feel ALONE! 

I AM KALIMA, and I can help you find LIFE AFTER LOSS! The effects of loss does not have to rob you of your future. Let us walk alongside you on your JOURNEY TO HEALING!

We offer individual and group therapy to help you learn how to resolve feelings of sadness, loneliness, worry and uncertainty about the future. You will feel SEEN and HEARD while gaining practical skills to support the healing process. 

Benefits to Therapy

  • Improve self-esteem and boost self-confidence

  • Discover new ways to solve problems across all areas of your life

  • Learn new ways to cope with depression, anxiety, stress and trauma 

  • Develop skills to improve relationships 

  • Guidance and support in reaching goals

  • Manage symptoms of emotional disturbances and stressors

  • Confidential safe space to feel heard and not judged 


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