Serenity Mental Health & Wellness

Millennium Girls Empowerment Program

Founder, Kalima Jackson-Wills MS

Millennium Girls is an empowerment program for all teen girls ages 17-22 especially those that are motherless by way of death, abuse, abandonment and neglect. We desire to awaken, inspire and teach teens and young girls how to achieve optimal wellness in every area of their lives. We accomplish this through self-awareness and discovery, inner healing and learning how to apply practical life principles for success. 

Our Mission is to create optimal mental health wellness in the lives of teen girls across the world. 

Our Vision: is to ensure every girl reaches optimal wellness in every area of their lives. 

This program can help: 

  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Address challenges before they become bigger problems
  • Equip participants with the tools to cope in difficult times
  • Create a sense of community and belonging
  • Gain new perspectives and skills to manage emotions, change mindsets and undesired behaviors 

Topics addressed include: 

  • Grief & Loss
  • Identity & Self-esteem
  • Mental Health Awareness and education 
  • Building healthy Relationships 
  • Career planning & Personal Development and much more......

Groups will meet in-person once per month with a 2-week summer intensive. To learn more and express interest our next group email us at